December 2016

A Disciple’s Relationship to Christ

In this message, Pastor Jeff preaches the first of three messages from John 15.  This message, from 15:1-11, addresses the life of a disciple and their relationship with Christ.  In this relationship there are some clear markers or characteristics.
  • It is a life that remains in Christ.
  • It is a life that produces fruit (more, much).
  • It is a life that glorifies God.

November 2016

A Reason To Give Thanks

Pastor Jeff shares from the Old Testament book of 1 Chronicles 16 and the “doxology” given by David as he led the Israelites in a praise of thanksgiving to God.

The Apostle John

Dr. Wayne VanHorn, Dean of Christian Studies and Philosophy at Mississippi College, shares the morning message “in-character” as the New Testament Apostle, John.

The Immutable God

In this message, Pastor Jeff shares one of the unique characteristics of God; He is immutable (unchanging).  while everything around us is in a state of flux or change including ourselves, God is not.  Pastor Jeff teaches of three things that are everlasting and unchanging because they are from God.
  1. God’s Word is Immutable
  2. God’s Plan is Immutable
  3. God’s reward is Immutable

“The fabric of which

October 2016

Morning Message