February 2017

A Day for the Wicked, A Day for the Righteous, & A Day for the Lord’s Return

Pastor Jeff closes out the Sunday morning study in the book of Malachi.

A Day Is Coming

Pastor Jeff wraps up the series from the OT Book of Malachi (4:1-6) with the sermon “A Day Is Coming”.      

A Call To Restoration

Pastor Jeff continues through the book of Malachi (3:7-12) and see God’s call to His people, which is A CALL TO RESTORATION. This was God’s call to them then and this is the call of God to mankind today.  God desires that all will come to Him through a relationship of restoration.  Pastor Jeff shares […]

January 2017

Where Is The God Of Justice?

Pastor Jeff continues in his series from Malachi as the Israelites ask, “Where is the God of justice?”

Faithful To The Father

Pastor Jeff continues his message series out of the book of Malachi, and the position of God’s people and their sin of idolatry and adultery.