A Ministry of Grace

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Pastor Jeff in this message shares the pupose of Paul’s calling as an Apostle in Ephesians 3:1-13 as he continues in the series of Ephesians: A Message of Grace.
Paul knew he was serving a great calling, which was for a great purpose and all the while it was to him—A GREAT PRIVILEGE.  May you and I be willing to be a prisoner of Christ only as we live with an awe and indebtedness for what He has done for us.  That is how Paul saw it in his life and may we see it in that same light, that we are by God’s grace called to be:
  1. A Prisoner of the Lord Christ Jesus (vv1-6)
  2. A Servant of the Gospel of Christ Jesus (vv7-11)
  3. A Co-laborer in the Church of Christ Jesus (vv12-13)