The God Who Leads

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Everyone needs leadership through life because we are not equipped to manage without it.  One dictionary defines leadership as “guidance” and that being said, without the leadership of God’s wisdom, power, and love the only outcome is being lost because there is no true and perfect guidance in and for our lives.

In this message Pastor Jeff shares from Exodus 13 how God led Moses and the Israelites with power, wisdom, and love that would endure long after the rivers dry up, the mountains crumble, and long after kings and kingdoms would fade into oblivion. 

About a millennia and a half later, God would again exhibit His leadership (guidance) through the person and work of His One and Only Son Jesus who would come to

live among men, lead as the great shepherd, and love

with an everlasting and faithful love.

God established His law through Moses as He (God) led His people and He would fulfill it through Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:17) and that is reason enough for us to follow in the example of Moses and bow down to the ground and worship God through Christ, who has made a way for us by fulfilling the Law and making good through a covenant of grace.