Mission & Ministry Statement

Eight Essential Truths:


God is

Only one true and living God exists. He is the Creator of the universe, eternally existing in three persons – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- equally deserving of humanity’s worship and obedience.
He is infinite and perfect in all His attributes.

The Bible is God’s Word

The Bible is God’s written revelation to people, divinely given through human authors who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is entirely true. The Bible is the totally sufficient and completely authoritative for all matters of life and faith. The goal of God’s Word is the restoration of humanity into His image.

People are God’s Treasure

God created people in His image for His glory. All human beings are born with a sin nature and into an environment inclined towards sin. Only by the grace of God through Jesus Christ can they experience salvation.

The Holy Spirit is God and Empowerer


Salvation is by faith alone


The Church is God’s Plan

The Holy Spirit immediately places all people who put their faith in Jesus Christ in to one united spiritual body, the church, of which Christ is the head. The purpose of the church is the glorify God by taking the Gospel to the entire world and by building its members in Christ likeness through the instruction of God’s Word, fellowship, service, worship, and prayer.

The future is in God’s Hands